CLAC: Chimie des Ligands à Architecture Contrôlée (J. Weiss)


CLAC Chimie des Ligands à Architecture Contrôlée, Institut de Chimie de Strasbourg, UMR 7177 CNRS-Université de Strasbourg



Porphyrins / Synthesis / Self-Assembly / Self-Organization / Optoelectronic Properties

5 recent publications of the last two years

  1. “Revealing the morphology and the magnetic properties of single buried cobalt-ZnTPP hybrid interfaces by FNR spectroscopy” G. Avedissian, J. Arabski, J. A. Wytko, J. Weiss and C. Meny, Phys. Rev. B, 2020, 102, 184114

2) “Probing the Growth of Organic Molecular Films Embedded between Cobalt and Iron Electrodes: Ferromagnetic Nuclear Resonance Approach” G. Avedissian, J. Arabski, J. A. Wytko J. Weiss, C. Meny Adv. Funct. Mat. 2020 2005605

3) “Tetra-(benzo-24-crown-8)-phthalocyanines as a platform
for supramolecular ensembles: Synthesis and interaction
with viologen”
A. Safonova, J. A. Wytko, Jean Weiss, E.A. Ugolkova, N. N. Efimov, Vadim V. Minin, Y. G. Gorbunova, A. Y. Tsivadze J. Porph. Phthalocyanines 2020, 24, 1083–1092 and cover picture

4) “Coordination-Driven Construction of Porphyrin Nanoribbons at a Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG)/Liquid Interface”  M.-A Carvalho, H. Dekkiche, M. Nagasaki, Y. Kikkawa, R. Ruppert  J. Am. Chem.Soc. 2019, 141, 26, 10137–10141

5) “Light triggers molecular shuttling in rotaxanes: control over proximity and charge recombination” M. Wolf, A. Ogawa, M. Bechtold, M. Vonesch,  J. A. Wytko, K. Oohora, S. Campidelli, T. Hayashi, D. M. Guldi, J. Weiss Chem. Sci. 2019 – DOI: 10.1039/C8SC05328F

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