Journée GDR Strasbourg 26/08/2022

Program (click on the title to download the abstract)
8h45-9h00 Opening Timing Jean Weiss
9h-9h50 Plenary 1 45+5 M. Senge From Form to Function – Fabricating Functional Porphyrins
9h50-10h10 OC1 17+3 Ryan Osterloh Electrochemistry of Metallocorroles and Related Pyrrole Chelates
10h10-10h30 OC2 17+3 Morgane Moinard Vectorized photosensitizers to target, detect and destroy
peritoneal carcinomatosis while activating the immune system
10h30-10h50 OC3 17+3 Stéphane Le Gac Möbius Zn(II) hexaphyrin complexes with switchable chirality
10h50-11h10 Coffee break
11h10-11h30 OC4 17+3 Ivan Kariushin The formation of unprecedented multimetallic calixarene based nanocontainers
11h30-11h50 OC5 17+3 Fanny Schnetz Hybrid photoactivable and antibacterial coatings from bioressources synthesized by photochemistry
11h50-12h10 OC6 17+3 Chanjuan Zhang Heterogeneous Second-Sphere Coordination Modified Iron Porphyrin for Carbon Dioxide Reduction
12h10-12h30 OC7 17+3 Sonia Adrouche Towards an allosterically controlled synthesis of a rotaxane
12h30-14h00 Lunch
14h00-14h50 Plenary 2 45+5 A. Dolbecq Porphyrin-based metal-organic frameworks: from synthesis to characterization and applications in photocatalysis
14h50-15h10 OC8 17+3 Ludivine Poyac Synthesis and Encapsulation Properties of Porphyrin Cages Assembled from N-heterocyclic Carbene-Metal Bonds
15h10-15h30 OC9 17+3 Philipp Gotico The curious case of a Ru-Fe sensitizer-catalyst dyad for the photocatalytic CO2 reduction
15h30-15h50 OC10 17+3 Gabriel Canard Synthesis, characterizations and derivatizations of meso-poly-halogeno-alkyl porphyrinoïds
15h50-16h10 OC11 17+3  Ning Jiang 3D electropolymerized thin film based on isoporphyrin and pyridyl-benzene: photoelectrochemical and impedance properties
16h10-16h30 Coffee break
16h30-16h50 OC12 17+3 Raphaël Lamare On-surface synthesis of fused anthracenyl porphyrin derivatives
16h50-17h10 OC13 17+3 Fatima Akhssas Π-extension of Zn(II) meso-Pyridin-2-ylthio-Porphyrins by oxidative coupling C-N and C-C
17h10-17h30 OC14 17+3 Iwona Nierengarten Coordination-driven folding in multi-Zn(II)-porphyrin arrays
constructed on pillar[5]arene and fullerene scaffolds
17h30 -17h35 Closing Valérie Heitz